Surveillance Shadowing,Private Investigator,Cheating Spouse, Cheaters Spy Shop,Medical malpractice,In my last post, I talked about Surveillance, the Art and outlined the number of subjects under the term surveillance.  I want to take a moment and talk about a “Warm” Mark.  If you recall I talked about a Warm status and Burned Status.  Warm status meaning the Mark (subject under surveillance)  suspects that you are tailing them.  Burned means the Mark knows you are hot on their trail.   Losing a mark in surveillance shadowing is better than being burned.  So the question is. How do you know if a Mark suspects you are on their trail?  Well, there are a number of ways you can tell, but paying particular attention to their movements is key.

Surveillance Shadowing Counter Tactics

Lets define Counter Surveillance first;  It’s described as the act of detecting and then countering or preventing surveillance from continuing.

Surveillance shadowing or foot surveillance counter tactics may be used by a Mark to catch whom ever is following them.  They may reverse their direction but following on the opposite side of the street can help avoid being spotted.  Furthermore, be careful a Mark may suddenly turn a corner and stop, if this happens, you need to keep walking around the corner and when it’s safe, you can turn back. Another tactic used by a Mark to identify being followed is purposely dropping a piece of paper to see if someone stops to pick it up.  There are other ways a Mark will try to verify someone is following them on foot is moving into a public place like restaurants, theaters or even hotels, and exiting through another door.  Jumping on a Subway or public transit system and then jumping off just before the door closes.  If this happens just stay on until the next stop, remember being Burned is not what you want.  You can always pick the trail up again later.  Attempting to jump off  with the Mark will surely get you Burned.   Lastly if the Mark moves into a deserted area then that Mark is warm.  He/she definitely knows someone is on their tail.

To avoid these common mistakes in surveillance shadowing, it’s a good idea to do the following before you start your surveillance:

Learn as much about your Mark as Possible including knowing their address

  • Know the area where the surveillance shadowing will happen
  • Be properly equipped.
  • Arrive Early.

 In my next post, I will talk about Vehicle Surveillance and mobile surveillance.