Personal Injury,Medical Malpractice,Private Investigator,Cheating Spouse, Cheaters Spy Shop,The Apogean Group specializes in personal injury investigations:

Surveillance – It’s a technique used to collect facts, it’s part of our plan and goal in your personal injury investigation. We will do the following; verify addresses and other information to make sure you have the most update inform.

Statements –At TAG we are experienced investigators and will be able to secure detailed information  through statements from the injured person and witnesses and  supplied to you in a written or recorded form.  These statements establish a record.  It has been proven that collecting statements can assist in your personal injury investigation and in court action on the subject of your investigation.  Our planning and preparation helps our clients save time and money and get the most of their investigation.  Using our time tested process, our professional surveillance investigators will be fully prepared before conducting surveillance in your personal injury investigation.



Scene Documentation – It is crucial to document the scene of the accident.  Our investigation and scene documentation could establish third party responsibility or information that was not disclosed by the injured.Contact us today with any questions.   To assign a case, click here.


Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Investigation

Workers Compensation helps ensure a safe and healthy workplace, but it only works when everyone plays by the rules. We work hard for both employers and claimants to help ensure integrity and a level playing field. Everyone is adversely affected by frivolous or fraudulent claims . TAG can evaluate the merits of a claim and even provide surveillance of subjects to ensure they are compliant with the workers’ compensation doctor’s orders. We also assist employees in determining liability and ensuring they receive any benefits to which they may be entitled.

Our consultation is free if you feel you are victim and feel you have to prove your Personal Injury case , please contact us at (214) 926-0048 or just fill out the information below and someone will be in contact.

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