Medical Malpractice,Private Investigator,Cheating Spouse, Cheaters Spy Shop,Medical Malpractice cases are risky business for the law professionals willing to take them. Litigating a malpractice case, or even representing a client to try to obtain settlement, requires a significant investment of time and money.  The initial assessment and what you think is happening is no longer the case once the defense offers its side of the story.  It’s very clear why so many malpractice cases are successful in the plaintiff’s favor.  The Medical Malpractice Investigation field is known by very few  and each cases has a variety of  differences that only a well trained Investigative professional would know.

Medical Malpractice and The Apogean Group

Medical Malpractice Investigation is the answer to your problem. Before you obligate yourself to a significant expenditure, or overlook an opportunity, let us perform an Initial Case Review for you and your client. The initial case review will take a very detailed look at the events and facts as gleaned from the medical notes  review, the x rays, the pathology reports, and any other documents that you supply. From our initial malpractice case investigation, we can determine if there was a breach in the national, Standard of Care, whether that breach was the proximate cause of damages, and whether those damages were objectively significant.

Medical Malpractice initial Case Review

Our initial case review will also help you narrow your focus to the appropriate defendants, preventing you from wasting time with irrelevant parties while assuring that you have not excluded those needed to be included to prove your case. After your medical legal case is reviewed, we will call you to discuss our findings in terms that you will clearly understand and answer all of your questions. If the case has merit, we will offer strategic ideas of how the litigation might best be pursued or modify the strategy according to your concerns.

When you are ready, we will obtain and peruse the CV’s of experts in the fields that you need. We have access to many testifying experts presently practicing in every different field of medicine or ancillary service. We will screen these board certified medical experts to be sure that the expert we recommend is best suited for the type of case that you are prosecuting.

From the very beginning to the very end if we are under agreement that your medical malpractice has merit, you have a medical professional in your corner here at the Apogean Group.  You will always have the ability to call for advice during regular business hours.  If the case is determined valid, we are there to help you and your client.  The Apogean Group has been consulted during trials for depositions for advice.  If you feel you or your client is subject to medical malpractice the consultation is free.  Contact us now at 214.926.0048  for fill out your information below and someone will be in touch.

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