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cold case is a crime or an accident that hasn’t been fully solved and is not the subject of a recent criminal investigation, but for which new evidence could emerge from new testimony, re-examined evidence, retained material evidence, as well as new  activities of the suspect. New technical methods developed after the case can be used on the surviving evidence to re-analyze the causes, often with conclusive results.

Cold Case, and why they go cold

  1. Inexperienced investigators
  2. Lack of personnel
  3. Relying too much on forensics
  4. Retirements / Promotions / Transfers
  5. Lack of public cooperation

Typically a cold case is a major crime or felony such as murder or rape which like unsolved minor crimes, these types of cold cases are not subject to a statue of limitations.    Other types of cold cases include missing persons, or disappearance such as the famous Natalee Holloway or the Beaumont Children.

In recent years, the cold case methodology has quietly evolved to a new process that’s much more complex and elaborate than the original version. Police investigators, criminal analysts, forensic experts and cutting-edge scientists are now routinely staffed to these cases.  The following developments are now standard cold case practices used to pursue and link murderers to their crimes, obtain convictions and bring some sense of closure and justice to victim families.

  • Examination of Written Documents
  • Evidence Identification by Chemicals
  • Information Sharing
  • The Internet
  • DNA Testing
  • Blood Splatter Analysis

Cold Case Summary

Being creative is the key to solving cold case crimes.  For Example two detectives in Seattle solved a cold case by devising a plan to print the pictures of missing persons and murdered victims on card decks, and handing them out to all the inmates in the prisons around the Seattle area.   Often times cold cases are rekindled due to someone spilling information that raises eyebrows, once this happens it’s a matter of digging deeper into the past, generating new insights.

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