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The Apogean Group has taken a proactive approach to help parents learn more about at risk teens and the activities their teenage children are involved in. We live in a society where teenagers are faced with more challenges than ever, and have the opportunity to become involved in more harmful activities than years past.  At Risk Teens is a growing concern, while  there is no foolproof way to prevent a teenager from engaging in harmful and unacceptable behaviors, parents must be extra vigilant in monitoring their most valuable gifts in life, their children. We can educate our teenagers on the dangers of certain activities, but today’s adolescents are extremely secretive, adventurous and fearless when it comes to at risk teens. Parents need to be more observant than ever and make every attempt to identify any warning signs of an AT Risk Teen, and  behavior; act immediately to prevent or intervene before the problem becomes unmanageable or turns tragic.

Our team can help you monitor your at risk teen and their activities to confirm any suspicions you may have about their activities through the use of traditional surveillance and GPS technology. We can verify their whereabouts, monitor their driving habits and investigate associates that they are socializing with. Why wait until it’s too late when you can do something now.

Some areas we focus on?

Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is up drastically. In fact, the United States has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the industrialized world, according to the Center for Disease Control. 1 in 3 girls become pregnant before the age of 20. There are many reasons that teenagers become sexually active, but few fear the consequences and many engage in unprotected sex which can lead to pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted diseases. Twenty percent of all teenagers will have sex at least once before they are 15 years old. Can you stop this before it happens?

Teen Drivers

More teenagers are driving than before and they make up more than half the number of people involved in motor vehicle accidents. Inexperience, the feeling of invincibility, faulty judgment, immaturity and the propensity for risk-taking are all contributing factors to the number of motor vehicle accidents involving teens. Is your teen practicing safe driving habits? Are they driving with irresponsible and reckless teenager friends?

Gang Activities

Gang activity goes well beyond the inner cities and has become more of a concern for law enforcement because of the increased recruitment efforts of those already involved in gangs

The lure of fast money, protection and a sense of “belonging” can easily entice at risk teen that being part of a gang is the only option they may have. Gang membership generally involves illegal activities, violence and many times tragedy. Is your child wearing certain colors and style of clothing all of a sudden? Did they recently get a tattoo? Do they have new friends? Are they losing interest in school? These are some of the signs that may indicate gang activity

Doing nothing about this usually fuels the fire ..

Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and Alcohol will always be an ever-present threat to teenagers. Both are easily accessible which make it extremely difficult to control. Experimentation, peer pressure or the need for a coping mechanism to escape a stressful environment are easy draws to the world of teenage drug usage.

Has your teenager started hanging with new friends? Are they asking you for more money than before? Is their school performance starting to suffer lately? Have you noticed a change of appetite in your teenager? Is your teenager experiencing mood swings?

Addictions ruin lives, not only for the individual involved, but also for family, friends and community members. The longer a problem exist the more harm is done. Help your at risk teen take control of their life before it becomes too late.

Internet Activity

The Internet has posed increased dangers for our children with cyber-bullying and child predators lurking on the web searching out victims in online chat rooms, blogs and social networking sites. Has your teenager been meeting with someone they encountered online that may be looking to harm them? Are other teenagers harassing them causing emotional distress, which can lead to violence or even suicide?

Technology has made it much easier for people, especially at risk teens, to become victims of crime. Take steps now to prevent a problem from escalating and stop a potentially harmful situation from occurring.

Let us help you determine if your at risk teen  is where they say they are going to be and who they are going to be with. While there is no way to constantly monitor your teenager’s activities, you can take measures to verify their whereabouts and take appropriate action if they have deceived you to help prevent or intervene in any unwanted activities they may be involved in.