Private Investigator,Cheating Spouse, Cheaters Spy Shop,Medical malpractice,There are literally hundreds of ways to hide assets and finding them is no easy task.  Some resort to stashing them under the mattress, or prepaying existing mortgage or buying a rare coin collection and opening up a safe deposit box.

You might think it’s funny but finding the asset under a mattress or a rare coin collection is by far no easy task, but that’s not to say there are not legal and legitimate ways to locate such assets.


Surveillance – If you follow someone long enough you can find out quite a bit about them, their habits routines like where they eat, who they meet, where they work and with whom they associate.   You would be surprised what you can find about a person which may lead you to unexpected assets like yachts, cars and that rare coin collection.

Dumpster Diving -Yes .. Ewwww!, but there is a certain humility that comes with the role and you better put your pride aside when it comes to finding the goods.  However, you need to make sure you are not breaking any local laws  and regulations in the state you are licensed.  Someone’s trash maybe perfectly legal and legitimate way of finding bank statements, financial records or other records that can lead you to hidden assets.  It may be a little stinky and messy but this may be the most effective and legal way to get financial details.

Interviews -Is a step further and conducting Interviews with past partners, opposing parties in litigation, former neighbors  or co-workers may provide leads to locate hidden assets.

Business Affiliations -Often times hidden assets are under someone else’s name, corporation to insulate him/herself from being found out.  Corporations can be setup under names of family members, or close business associates, or in states such as Delaware where you can maintain anonymity.

Overseas Assets -Parking hidden assets overseas is a common way to hide.  Banking regulations may prohibit you from obtaining bank records, and items such as real estate, as well as income tax records.  Knowing where to look, and the specific countries the party may be linked to.