Cheat DayCheat Day does not refer to a diet where you indulge in your favorite comfort food, it means something different.  If your husband is cheating maybe you will settle for comfort food or do something about it, either way it’s cheat day right? The Day before Valentines Day, unfortunately, is cheat day.  I say this because it’s the day where cheating husbands play in both worlds of family life and life away from the spouse.  The Urban dictionary defines it as Mistress Day.

Cheat Day Agenda

Married men know that on February 14th, they had better to be making an effort to have a preplanned night out with their wife. It has become an expectation, and uneasy day to the husband who ignores the holiday. However, for the man who has a little, something on the side, she is often unhappy and jealous of the fact that she is not going to get attention on this day.  So to set the mistress at ease  these men try to make the other woman happy by spending the evening before Valentine’s Day with her.
No one likes to think about their spouse cheating on them. Nevertheless, if your spouse is cheating, the arrival of Valentine’s Day is one holiday that is hard for cheating lovers to overlook.  While Valentine’s Day itself is reserved for your husband, wife, or significant other, the day before, February 13, can easily be set aside for the “other” person!

Cheat Day abnormalities

So fellow wives if you get the “I have to work late excuse the day before Valentine’s day, and you have noticed skeptical behavior in the past few weeks, you might consider if your spouse is indulging in cheat day and expecting to have is cake too, check the credit card statements for inconsistencies or the bank account for irregular large cash withdrawals. Alternatively, you can call me, and I can run surveillance for you at anytime. Cheating happens all the time not only on the Day before Valentines.   If you want to catch him in the act, please fill out the form below, and I will contact you.