Surveillance Shadowing
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Surveillance Shadowing,Private Investigator,Cheating Spouse, Cheaters Spy Shop,Medical malpractice,In my last post, I talked about Surveillance, the Art and outlined the number of subjects under the term surveillance.  I want to take a moment and talk about a “Warm” Mark.  If you recall I talked about a Warm status and Burned Status.  Warm status meaning the Mark (subject under surveillance)  suspects that you are tailing them.  Burned means the Mark knows you are hot on their trail.   Losing a mark in surveillance shadowing is better than being burned.  So the question is. How do you know if a Mark suspects you are on their trail?  Well, there are a number of ways you can tell, but paying particular attention to their movements is key.

Surveillance Shadowing Counter Tactics

Lets define Counter Surveillance first;  It’s described as the act of detecting and then countering or preventing surveillance from continuing.

Surveillance shadowing or foot surveillance counter tactics may be used by a Mark to catch whom ever is following them.  They may reverse their direction but following on the opposite side of the street can help avoid being spotted.  Furthermore, be careful a Mark may suddenly turn a corner and stop, if this happens, you need to keep walking around the corner and when it’s safe, you can turn back. Another tactic used by a Mark to identify being followed is purposely dropping a piece of paper to see if someone stops to pick it up.  There are other ways a Mark will try to verify someone is following them on foot is moving into a public place like restaurants, theaters or even hotels, and exiting through another door.  Jumping on a Subway or public transit system and then jumping off just before the door closes.  If this happens just stay on until the next stop, remember being Burned is not what you want.  You can always pick the trail up again later.  Attempting to jump off  with the Mark will surely get you Burned.   Lastly if the Mark moves into a deserted area then that Mark is warm.  He/she definitely knows someone is on their tail.

To avoid these common mistakes in surveillance shadowing, it’s a good idea to do the following before you start your surveillance:

Learn as much about your Mark as Possible including knowing their address

  • Know the area where the surveillance shadowing will happen
  • Be properly equipped.
  • Arrive Early.

 In my next post, I will talk about Vehicle Surveillance and mobile surveillance.

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Surveillance – The Art
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As a private investigator, I find myself having to use some techniques to gather the right information about a Mark.  For those of you that don’t know what the word “Mark” means.  It refers to the person you are tracking and gathering information.  In general, a good definition of surveillance is openly determining the activities of your mark.  In many cases it’s hiding in plain sight to sitting in a vehicle for hours at a time.  Either way the Art of Surveillance tests your creative thought and investigative skill at their highest levels.  I often find myself working alone and in remote field locations, having to make immediate decisions based on subject activity and field conditions. Getting surveillance results requires patience, and the ability to stay focused on the task.

The Art of Surveillance

  • The Type of Equipment Used
  • Foot Surveillance
  • Vehicle, Mobile Surveillance
  • Stationary Surveillance
  • Face To Face Contact

Equipment Used

Still camera, video camera, file, map, flashlight, Pad and pencil, window covers, binoculars and two way radios, at least one should be portable.  Hats, sunglasses and a change of clothes are also recommended.

Foot Surveillance

One of the most commonly used techniques by investigators is physical surveillance.   Shadowing involves following a person both tightly enough not to lose them ( the common term “Close Tail”), and a far enough distance to avoid detection (Common name “Loose Tail”).  Practice and a good measure of patience are required; I often find myself tailing a mark for hours and even waiting for them to appear.   “Getting Warm” and Being Burned is two terms you should know.  Getting Warm means the Mark suspects that you are following them while Being Burned means the mark knows you are following them.  It is better to lose the “mark” then get burned because it is always possible to pick the trail back up.

One thing I try to remember when conducting my craft is to blend in with the surroundings, which means not carrying things that do no matter.  For example, if you are tailing a Mark in a mall you want to have shopping bags with you.  If you do not blend, you could be “burned”.  If I change your appearance, I do so by putting on or taking off a coat or hat.  This is usually effective, but you also might want to carry a change of clothes in your car just in case. Having one or two pairs of glasses can also help.

I often follow my Marks on foot, and this requires practice.  The rule of thumb is I never lose sight of the Mark.  When areas get congested with people this is easier said than done, but when I hit heavy traffic, I usually follow eight to nine feet back, much further if there is little or no foot traffic.   If I am in a small congested traffic, I will walk on the other side of the street to maintain distance without being “Burned.”  Lastly, if you are ever in a situation where your Mark turns quickly and your face to face, the best thing you can do is continue your walk and don’t act startled.  If there is a shop nearby looking into the window or stopping and checking your watch but do not lose your bearing.  Whatever you do not lock eyes, because the mark will have a better chance of knowing whom you are if they see you again.

Join me again as I go deeper into the Art of Surveillance next post will be about Vehicle and Mobile Surveillance.










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Apogean Group LLC – Uses Angies List
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Apogean Group LLC,Private Investigator,Cheating Spouse, Cheaters Spy Shop,Medical malpractice,More than 2 million households nationwide check Angie’s List reviews to find the best local service providers, like roofers, plumbers, handymen, mechanics, doctors and dentists and private Investigators.  In asking Paula Broudeaux President and Founder of  The Apogean Group, why joining Angies List was so important to her as a business owner, she responded with “As a business owner I want to know exactly what customers are thinking and feeling.  It’s important to know about issues but also to know when things are done right.  It helps me grow my business in a productive and holistic manner.Angieslist

The Apogean Group Services

The Apogean Group LLC, Inc. is an investigative services agency is exclusively dedicated and located in North Texas, Collin County  serving Texas,and affiliated with Florida  and California. It was decided in 2008, by a female private investigator in Collin County, North Texas.  Our competent private investigative services personnel, are experts at covert and clandestine observation techniques and the use of the latest high-technology equipment, including: High Definition (HD) video cameras, hidden video cameras, GPS tracking devices and other surveillance equipment. We are adept at locating even the hardest to find individuals (skip tracing, background searches), either through good old-fashioned detective work or by searching multiple online resources.  We learn all we can about a subject through a combination of background checks and surveillance. The result is a high-quality video documentary that accurately depicts the subject’s steps and undertakings. A typical investigation concludes with our private investigators in the courtroom as expert witnesses providing testimony that is professional and detrimental to the other side.

If you wish to contact us please do, we provide free consultations or you can contact us directly at 214.926.0048  a form is provided below:

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Background Check Investigation
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Background Check is really that simple?

If you want to find information about criminal activity, track record, education, credit reports and employment history you can turn to many of the services available to the ordinary public;

  • Instant Checkmate
  • Intellius
  • US Search
  • Been Verified
  • PeopleWise
  • People Smart
  • People Finders
  • Versipy
  • Intelligator
  • eVerify

Have you ever heard the saying “You get what you pay for”?  The average cost of the above services is about 25.00.  I have tried each one of these services and what I have encountered in my due diligence is an inaccurate account, old information and lack of information.  A private investigator has access to information and databases that are not accessible to the general public.   Each private investigating agency is different in their approach.  Take a minute, and ask yourself is the safety of your children, hiring the right person or making sure a person is who they say they are is worth the extra step.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will lay out what types of backgrounds can be conducted and explain the reasons for using a service like The Apogean Group.

  • TAG will be posting some background investigations on the following areas;
  • What Is a Background check Investigation?
  • Background Check vs. Background Investigation
  • Types of Background Checks
  • What are the processes in a Background Investigation?
  • Red Flags in a Background Investigation
  • How Much Does a Background Investigation Cost?

Is your children’s safety worth it?  Would you rely on false or outdated information and make the wrong choice of hire for your business?  Think about it is 25.00 worth the risk?

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Hidden Assets Understanding Part 1
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Private Investigator,Cheating Spouse, Cheaters Spy Shop,Medical malpractice,There are literally hundreds of ways to hide assets and finding them is no easy task.  Some resort to stashing them under the mattress, or prepaying existing mortgage or buying a rare coin collection and opening up a safe deposit box.

You might think it’s funny but finding the asset under a mattress or a rare coin collection is by far no easy task, but that’s not to say there are not legal and legitimate ways to locate such assets.


Surveillance – If you follow someone long enough you can find out quite a bit about them, their habits routines like where they eat, who they meet, where they work and with whom they associate.   You would be surprised what you can find about a person which may lead you to unexpected assets like yachts, cars and that rare coin collection.

Dumpster Diving -Yes .. Ewwww!, but there is a certain humility that comes with the role and you better put your pride aside when it comes to finding the goods.  However, you need to make sure you are not breaking any local laws  and regulations in the state you are licensed.  Someone’s trash maybe perfectly legal and legitimate way of finding bank statements, financial records or other records that can lead you to hidden assets.  It may be a little stinky and messy but this may be the most effective and legal way to get financial details.

Interviews -Is a step further and conducting Interviews with past partners, opposing parties in litigation, former neighbors  or co-workers may provide leads to locate hidden assets.

Business Affiliations -Often times hidden assets are under someone else’s name, corporation to insulate him/herself from being found out.  Corporations can be setup under names of family members, or close business associates, or in states such as Delaware where you can maintain anonymity.

Overseas Assets -Parking hidden assets overseas is a common way to hide.  Banking regulations may prohibit you from obtaining bank records, and items such as real estate, as well as income tax records.  Knowing where to look, and the specific countries the party may be linked to.


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