The Apogean Group LLC, Inc. is a registered Texas Investigative services agency.  The Group’s professionalism is dedicated and is located in the heart of Texas, serving Texas, Florida and California.  The firm is also a member of the National Association of Investigative Specialties or NAIS.

Florida, Texas California Licensed Investigator,
The Apogean Group is Licensed to cover California, Florida and Texas
Advance Private Investigation Network

The Apogean Group has been noted and involved  with  leading authorities on State, Federal and high-end criminal activity rings, located through out the State of  Texas. The Group’s investigations are considered classified and in co-operation with local law enforcement to reduce deplorable activities.


Confidential Phone Call

Understand you have someone you can call

Every relationship begins with Trust.  The Apogean Group takes this business very serious and trust, empathy, and understanding are the basis of our business. Just know you have someone on your side.

Face To Face Interview

Set up a Time To meet

Once we have a phone conversation and agree collectively, the next step is to move forward, we arrange a time and place you’re most comfortable, sit down and talk about the details.

Gathering Details

Details are very important

Gathering details of any investigation can seem overwhelming, a bit uncomfortable but it’s necessary to the process.  Details are very important to solving, discovery and achieving success.

Our Process

Any investigation is time consuming, but in order to meet your expectations, our processes are proven to work.
  • 1.
    Agreement and Terms
  • 2.
    Verifying Facts & Details
  • 3.
    Discuss Estimate Time
  • 4.
    Revisit Facts
  • 5.
    Present Facts recommendations

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Infidelity is no laughing matter, The Apogean treats this matter with delicate concern.

Background Checks

Background Check is unique and what may seem relevant to one subject matter may not be the case in another.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud is very costly in today’s world, loss of money but also loss of life in some cases.  The Apogean Group offers to determine if fraud has been committed, and to provide the evidence to prove it has taken place.

Medical Mal-Practice

Medical Malpractice cases are risky business for the law professionals willing to take them.  Litigating a malpractice case, or even representing a client to try to obtain settlement,

Personal Injury

Workers Compensation helps ensure a safe and healthy workplace, but it only works when everyone plays by the rules.

At Risk Teens

The Apogean Group has taken a proactive approach to help parents learn more about at risk teens and the activities their teenage children are involved in.

Missing Persons

More than 800,000 people are reported as missing and are entered into FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) annually. Of these, 85%-90% are minors.

Elder Abuse

Last year alone there were 1.2 million cases of elderly abuse reported in the US alone, For each elder abuse case reported, 5 go unreported.

Cold Cases

cold case is a crime or an accident that hasn’t been fully solved due to a lack of evidence. Typically a cold case is a major crime or felony such as murder or rape.

Basic Back Ground Checks

XX.XX month

  • Intellicheck
  • Instanta Check
  • Been Verified use old technology
  • Our Results are proven
  • Description zone
  • Guaranteed
  • Worth the Investment
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Corporate Background

XX.XX 10 Business Days

  • Make the right hire after all it's your business
  • Education
  • Work History
  • Criminal
  • Credit History
  • Description zone
  • Check Background
  • Last 5 Employment Records
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Security Background Check

XX.XX 1 month

  • Make sure you have the right person protecting your assets
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Our clients are confidential, we protect the identities of our clients