Private Investigator,Cheating Spouse, Cheaters Spy Shop,Medical malpractice,The Apogean Group LLC, Inc. is an investigative services agency is exclusively dedicated and located in North Texas, Collin County  serving Texas,and affiliated with Florida  and California. It was decided in 2008, by a female private investigator in Collin County, North Texas. She would put her naturally curious tendencies to work as a  private investigator and do it better than anyone else.  It did not take long for her love of investigation to shine through. Her clients quickly took notice as she delivered results and gaining  the attention of larger firms.

Over three years later, The Apogean Group  is truly a professional firm– a family business in its first generation  of private investigators.  The corporation and the individual private investigators are licensed Private Investigative services members in the States of Texas.  Ultimately; The Apogean Group delivers winning results that save our client’s extreme loss both personal as well as monetarily, which provides settlement negotiations or leverage for our clients. Proudly serving Dallas Texas, Plano Texas, Dallas County and Collin County.  We specialize in Cheating Spouse, Medical Malpractice, Fraud, At Risk Teens, Missing Persons, Elder Abuse and Cold Cases. 

Private Investigator

Our competent private investigative services personnel, are experts at covert and clandestine observation techniques and the use of the latest high-technology equipment, including: High Definition (HD) video cameras, hidden video cameras, GPS tracking devices and other surveillance equipment. We are adept at locating even the hardest to find individuals (skip tracing, background searches), either through good old-fashioned detective work or by searching multiple online resources.  We learn all we can about a subject through a combination of background checks and surveillance. The result is a high-quality video documentary that accurately depicts the subject’s steps and undertakings. A typical investigation concludes with our private investigators in the courtroom as expert witnesses providing testimony that is professional and detrimental to the other side.


Paula Boudreaux, Founder/President and is a Licensed Private Investigative services TALI LICENSE A18626

Holding licenses in Texas, affiliated with Florida and California.  Her work has been noted and is personally responsible for leading the authorities both State and Federal to a high-end criminally activity ring located in Denton, Texas. She contributed to the narcotics division on investigations, also works in conjunction with local law enforcement to reduce deplorable activities. Paula takes a personal interest with at risk teens and their parents.  Her work has gained the respect of larger firms because of her expertise in surveillance, involving cheating spouse, worker’s compensation.  As a respected member of her church, she takes a personal interest in elder abuse, abuse of the mentally challenged and disabled, as well as child abuse, child custody.  As a prior practicing nurse she is very aware of medical malpractice and can help shed light if you have questions or concerns.





“The Apogean Group and Private Investigator Paula Boudreaux was responsible for locating Missing Plano Man Gregory Pierce”

A Special Thank you from the Pierce family in the Dallas Morning News


“Special thanks to David Tilley at the Plano Police Department and Paula Boudreaux, private investigator”.




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